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How do Icewave Patches work?

An IceWave study which found that application of the patches had a highly significant effect at reducing both intensity and perception of pain severity has recently been published in the International Journal of Medical Implants and Devices, a peer-reviewed journal. The paper was also presented at the 2011 Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference (SBEC) at the University of Texas on May 2. The SBEC is an important three-day event in which professionals and students share information about significant emerging developments in the field of biomedical engineering. 

For this study, researchers gathered both qualitative and quantitative data. A device called an Electro-Acuscope was used to evaluate intensity of pain before and after wearing IceWave patches. This device monitors nerve conduction between two electrodes. Perception of pain was measured using a Visual Analog Scale (VAS), a tool which asks participants to rank their pain on a scale. 

The overall data in this study demonstrated that IceWave patches, when applied to pre-designated acupuncture points, produce a highly significant (p < 0.001) reduction in both quantitative and qualitative measures of pain!

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New IceWave Study Completed in Italy

IceWave patches are a result of a biochemical response in the body that causes a reduction in inflammation. 

Researchers used a tool called the Bioexplorer Method, a non-invasive technology that is capable of detecting activity in the major cerebral areas as well as the major organs and systems of the body, to assess active biochemical processes. The study also examined perception of pain using a subjective test called QUID (an Italian pain questionnaire). The QUID test showed a significant reduction in pain perception. 

Perhaps most importantly, the patches were shown to cause a reduction in levels of biochemical markers of inflammation. Additionally, this reduction was maintained not only throughout the time of application, but even after suspension of use, “suggesting, therefore, a stable effect over time and not just a temporary one

Those who have tried our IceWave patches know they can provide immediate and significant alleviation of pain. Our clinical studies support this anecdotal evidence, proving that IceWave patches provide enormous relief when used as directed.



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