“I have had quite a few menopausal symptoms recently – not helped by being on Tamoxifen which puts you into a chemically induced menopause.  Discomfort is something I have had to put up with, but after a lengthy car journey I was left almost unable to walk. I went to the GP who gave me exercises to do and very strong pain killers (which I never like taking). Melissa suggested a trial session with the KenkoGround to see if it would help. Desperate to ease things more naturally I decided to give this a go and Melissa gave me a 30-40 minute session with my bare feet on the mat. Incredibly, I left the table much more comfortable. This relief lasted around 3 days and when I felt things starting to return I went into the garden and put my feet in the earth which seemed to do the trick! It’s not very practical to do this, however, so I am really keen to get my hands on a KenkoGround as I do believe it really did work and had a really beneficial effect.” – D

I first contacted Melissa to discuss electrolysis after some disappointing and ineffectual results with a laser hair removal clinic some months beforehand. I was impressed with how Melissa explained everything to me during our preliminary meeting, explaining how the process worked and answering any questions and concerns I had in a very caring and thoughtful way. We proceeded with the treatment which, I am thrilled to say, has worked excellently. Over the time we have had our sessions, one of the most important things for me was how enjoyable they have been. Strange as it may seem, as the treatment itself is uncomfortable (as you may expect), Melissa has a fabulous knack of putting you at your ease and I have thoroughly enjoyed the chats and discussions we have had as we got to know one another better. Cannot recommend her enough – if you are thinking about this treatment (which I advise, as I have tried many things and this was the only one that has genuinely worked for me), I cannot think of a better person than Melissa in whom to put your trust and with whom to work through this treatment.

I have been Melissa’s client for about 3 years now. I come for electrolysis, which Melissa does with extreme care and precision, but I also enjoy Melissa’s overall approach to well-being and beauty. She is both a sensible expert and a keen learner of everything beauty-related and always gives a valuable advice – on health products, cosmetics or a more general self-care. I quite enjoyed Melissa’s gentle insistence on sorting out my sleep routine – either on my own or with the help of patches. And her recommendation of Alavida skin products literally saved my appearance. Above all, Melissa is a very warm and kind person. This always makes my appointments pleasurable.

Choosing to have electrolysis done has been a transformative decision. After suffering with facial hair growth for over a decade, my confidence got severely knocked. I loathed looking at myself in the mirror and would regularly shy away from speaking with people, paranoid it would be noticed. I completed a course of laser treatment which temporarily solved the problem until a few years later it grew back and I was back to the same issues and insecurities. Electrolysis has basically restored my confidence. These everyday thoughts and feelings have changed completely and my skin is in the best condition now. To go from hair removal everyday to having electrolysis twice a month is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! It is the best decision I have made and proof that it is 100% worth the effort – not only for restoring my skin condition but also my confidence.