I am a very active 66 year old. I work out with a personal fitness trainer, I travel and walk a lot, but for many years I have had very low energy. I am sometimes so tired in the afternoon that if I was driving I would have to pull over to stop from falling asleep. I have tried many things to boost my energy, from Blue Green Algae to changing my diet, but no improvement. Three months ago it was suggested to try Lifewave patches, I didn’t have much confidence but I agreed to try Glutathione for three days before I made any financial commitment. In just three days I couldn’t believe the difference! I ordered a months supply of Glutathione and then added Carnosine. It has now been three months and the difference in my life is incredible. I have lots of energy that I have even started taking Zumba classes (no nap needed). My energy level, stamina and mental clarity have all improved, and I don’t have that afternoon fogginess that I had for many years.

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