“I have had quite a few menopausal symptoms recently – not helped by being on Tamoxifen which puts you into a chemically induced menopause.  Discomfort is something I have had to put up with, but after a lengthy car journey I was left almost unable to walk. I went to the GP who gave me exercises to do and very strong pain killers (which I never like taking). Melissa suggested a trial session with the KenkoGround to see if it would help. Desperate to ease things more naturally I decided to give this a go and Melissa gave me a 30-40 minute session with my bare feet on the mat. Incredibly, I left the table much more comfortable. This relief lasted around 3 days and when I felt things starting to return I went into the garden and put my feet in the earth which seemed to do the trick! It’s not very practical to do this, however, so I am really keen to get my hands on a KenkoGround as I do believe it really did work and had a really beneficial effect.” – D

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