Eye Contour Patches

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EYE CONTOUR PATCHES (pack of 3) is the appropriate response to tired and heavy contours of the eyes. Its main agent, resulting from yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) helps to reduce the volume of pockets and lighten the color of dark circles. Hamamelis extract in combination with a biosaccharide soothes and moisturizes the delicate area around the eye.

EYE CONTOUR PATCHES is easy to use, very comfortable with its mild serum, provides a feeling of comfort.

Open the peelable foil pouch. Patches are housed inside a blue non-woven nylon cover. Remove blue fleece and separate the patches of nylon.
Immediately apply the patch below the eye. Repeat the process for the other eye.
Adjust the patch around the eye. Leave on for 10-15 minutes.