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Theta Activate®

  • Speeds up the cell's metabolism
  • Speeds up the body's absorption of nutrients
  • Silica is considered by many physicians as an essential mineral
  • Silica is a naturally occurring material in the body and needed for the health of connective tissue, hair, nails and skin

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Theta Nutrition is an entirely new health technology invented by LifeWave. It’s a system centred on breakthrough formulas that provide essential and functional nutrients to your body in a targeted and tasteful way. All Theta formulas are made with natural premium ingredients and contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Best of all, most people feel the results of Theta formulas within minutes of use.

How does Theta work?

Our Theta Nutrition line acts as a powerful one-two punch. Simply add one serving of Theta Activate to each Theta formula before you drink it. Theta Activate speeds up the body’s absorption of the premium and targeted nutrients in the formula, delivering results you can experience within minutes.

Why is Theta better than other supplements?

While it’s difficult today to find quality, immediacy and efficacy in one supplement, Theta formulas deliver all three. They are safe, effective, and stimulant-free. Also, other supplements on the market lack a nutrient delivery system, so you don’t see or feel results for months—if at all. Theta formulas are different in that they are activated by our special nutrient delivery system, helping people experience results within minutes.