Small Business Saturday OFFER

The onset of winter is a great time to review your wellness and skin care needs, and what you can do to combat the effects of the colder weather as well as the drying effects of central heating. Also, let’s not forget the strong tendency many of us have to hibernate at this time of the year because we feel low in energy. That’s not a great feeling at any time!

With that in mind, I’m offering new and existing customers 50% off any facial when they buy a product on Small Business Saturday. Alternatively, there’s an offer of a FREE relaxing, de-stressing wellness treatment for anyone who books in for a Health & Wellness evaluation – please email me at by midnight on Saturday 7th December to qualify.

I work with a wide range of products designed to help address different needs and concerns. The organic marine skincare range, for instance, is suitable for both men and women and all skin types. In fact, with its two separate protocols for younger and more mature skin it’s the perfect everyday skincare for the whole family.

I’m also pleased to include in this one day offer the lovely aromatherapy skin care range that I’ve been using in my facials for over thirty years. Whether it’s one of the elixirs, creams or serums, or a revitalising spray mist, these products will not fail to deliver and delight, whatever your skin type – even the most sensitive.

There’s also a unique skincare that combines with a phototherapy patch to promote healthy skin from within and without – nourishing and keeping your skin beautifully supple day and night. Separately, but from the same stable, there’s a range of patches to address a variety of common concerns such as low energy, pain and poor sleep – these too are eligible for my Small Business Saturday offer. The patches are often referred to as “acupuncture without needles”. They’re completely non-transdermal and work by using light to stimulate points on the skin to promote healing. Our newest patch has achieved some phenomenal results across a wide range of health and wellness issues.

Also included in my 2019 Small Business Saturday Offer are a variety of food supplements, along with water, sleep and relaxation technologies designed to help support healthy living. Head over to my online shop to find out more!


Terms & Conditions: To qualify for these offers please order/book by midnight on Small Business Saturday, 7th December 2019.