I have lost over 18 kilos and 6 inches in my waist, and 1 inch in my arms. SP6 has totally changed my daily eating habits. I do not crave the sweets and my appetite has been cut in half – I am so excited! I am wearing clothes I have not worn in years! My body is shrinking. Thank you LifeWave!
I am so pleased with this treatment that I have recommended it to all of my friends and what a difference it shall make on the beach this year!! Smooth and even skin! I highly recommend this simple and straightforward treatment with Melissa.- Garry Smith
Choosing to have electrolysis done has been a transformative decision. After suffering with facial hair growth for over a decade, my confidence got severely knocked. I loathed looking at myself in the mirror and would regularly shy away from speaking with people, paranoid it would be noticed. I completed a course of laser treatment which temporarily solved the problem until a few years later it grew back and I was back to the same issues and insecurities. Electrolysis has basically restored my confidence. These everyday thoughts and feelings have changed completely and my skin is in the best condition now. To go from hair removal everyday to having electrolysis twice a month is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! It is the best decision I have made and proof that it is 100% worth the effort – not only for restoring my skin condition but also my confidence.- Amy
I am a very active 66 year old. I work out with a personal fitness trainer, I travel and walk a lot, but for many years I have had very low energy. I am sometimes so tired in the afternoon that if I was driving I would have to pull over to stop from falling asleep. I have tried many things to boost my energy, from Blue Green Algae to changing my diet, but no improvement. Three months ago it was suggested to try Lifewave patches, I didn’t have much confidence but I agreed to try Glutathione for three days before I made any financial commitment. In just three days I couldn’t believe the difference! I ordered a months supply of Glutathione and then added Carnosine. It has now been three months and the difference in my life is incredible. I have lots of energy that I have even started taking Zumba classes (no nap needed). My energy level, stamina and mental clarity have all improved, and I don’t have that afternoon fogginess that I had for many years.
I went on a 6 week weight loss programme. After 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds. I was quite surprised to say the least. My chocolate cravings went down as well. After the 6 weeks had finished I had lost 18 pounds and my chocolate cravings were less than halved.I had a rather nice side effect, which I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention; my sex drive went up… Quite a lot.
Can I just say what an enormous pleasure it has been to be treated by you. I’m really thrilled with the results. You’ve managed to work wonders on me, and I’m very grateful.- Natasha Hopkins
I have been going to see Melissa and having electrolysis treatment for a number of years, which caused me to realise that using a qualified practitioner is of paramount importance. The original hairs subside but were replaced in other areas (apparently due to my genetic predisposition). However the hair generally is significantly reduced. I did use someone else a few years ago and ended up with scarring because the needle wasn’t used properly. I would recommend Melissa because she is very careful and without her I would have ended up with a lot of embarrassing facial hair.- Eleanor Barnet
After only 3 weeks of using SP6 I lost 10 and a half kilos!
I lost 6 pounds my 1st week on the new SP6 patch and 3 lbs my 2nd week for a total of 9 lbs with no exercise.
In 14 days I lost 11 lbs. and 1 ½ inches around the waist, measured at the belly button. Kiss the Cravings GoodBye and Feel Full at the Same Time!
I am absolutely amazed with the results of BioSkin Jetting. After the first two sessions it was hard to spot some of the lines that had been there before! The treatment is very gentle and there is no pain and more importantly no downtime! Quality and appearance of the skin around the eye area has improved a lot after a couple of sessions only. I would certainly recommend this treatment to my family and friends. I will come back for more! Thank you Melissa!
I think this is the best weight loss programme that I have done, and I’ve done a few. It’s a very natural way of losing weight.I found a big reduction in my appetite, but was really shocked to see my desire to eat snacky things,like crisps, chocolates and cakes, go from excessive to practically nothing. The energy patches, which I was using, were brilliant. I found that I had a great deal more energy and managed to do so much more through the day. At the end of the course I lost 13 lbs.
I did not have the cravings for foods that I normally have. Especially breads, cereals, potatoes, etc. My overall fat loss was 7 ½ pounds (in 12 days).
SP6 has and is changing my life! A friend told me this morning at church…(“wow you look great you have lost a lot of weight, good for you”!) I have struggled with my weight for years and this by far is the easiest way to kick the cravings, eat less, no between meal snacks and even my growling stomach is no more! It looks like I have lost more than 9 kilos as all my clothes are too big and thats a great problem to have. LOL:) This after 5 weeks of SP6!Once Again…
I am very impressed with the results after 12 sessions of endermology. My skin looks and feels a lot softer and smoother now and my bottom has reshaped which is always a nice bonus to get! I found Melissa to be highly professional both in her treatments and her client care through her holistic approach enhancing the treatment. The results are fabulous and I am so excited that I will come back for maintenance every once in a while. Thank you Melissa!
I’ve been going to see Melissa for a few months for electrolysis and I can truly say the results have been very satisfying. I used to have to get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks, but now I have noticed the speed in which my hairs grow back has significantly reduced. Melissa has an extremely professional approach to the treatments and very precise when targeting the individual hairs, so I would definitely recommend Melissa!- Rianna Harree