iStock_000016466843XXLarge1Body treatments include the ancient art of massage and can help to address a wide range of problems. Having practised many forms of massage, I tailor all treatments to your own individual requirements. Stress is often the most obvious area of concern.  However, I also treat many other problems such as cellulite, re-distribution of weight, using either hands on massage, lymph drainage or, with the aid of either the CelluM6 (to deepen the effects) or the Carole Franck Beauty Center with its electro-acupuncture attachments (which within twelve sessions balance the body’s overall energy and improve particular treatment results).


The Carole Franck Beauty Center stimulates the acupoints in total safety with no needles and no pain. It also accelerates slimming by re-establishing the correct local balance between different tissues, using Electrolipolysis it helps break down adipocytes so reduces orange peel effect of cellulite and firms the skin using a modulated sinusoidal current which gently contracts the subcutaneous muscles therefore toning the skin with marvellous results. In other words, I can customise a body treatment to encompass whatever you require.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £55.00
  • Full Body Massage £90.00
  • Indian Head Massage £45.00
  • Reiki: Natural healing treatment £50.00

Aromatherapy Massage (Using essential oils selected for individual skin types to help alleviate particular problems):

  • Individual Treatment £90.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage (Using specifically selected essential oils for your own particular needs):

  • Individual Treatment (20 minutes) £55.00
  • Individual Treatment (35 minutes) £65.00

Exfoliating Body Treatment:

  • Stand alone session £55.00

Shaping Treatment (Regime of 3 individual treatments to be prescribed for your particular need):

  • Individual Treatment £55.00
  • Course of Six £235.00

Cellu M6 Stress Relief Treatment (Deep massage on specific stress areas):

  • Individual Treatment £55.00

Cellu M6 Sculpting Using Endermology (Designed to change the shape of particular body areas):

  • Individual Treatment £55.00
  • Course of Six £250.00

Cellu M6 Body Treatment (Eliminates cellulite, restores tone and leaves skin softer and smoother):

  • One Treatment 30 mins £55.00
  • Course of Five £210.00
  • Course of Ten £400.00