Carole-Franck-Beauty-Centre-smallThe Carole Franck Beauty Center system has been adapted from the late French neurologist Dr Nogier’s method of auricular acupuncture.  The system stimulates different reflex zones throughout the body using seven different waveforms to detect, stimulate and rejuvenate, focusing on up to 20 acupuncture points at any given time, combining to provide anti-ageing results to firm skin and to reduce cellulite.

The treatment for face and body incorporates the luxurious Sentéales aromatherapy skincare range. It is a painless treatment, with only a tingling feeling, aimed at preventing or slowing down the effects of time – maintaining or restoring healthy and vigorous skin. It benefits you by using in-depth action on the acupoints which contribute towards the body’s overall energy balance and helps considerably increase the efficacy of the treatment. Stimulation is achieved using simple contact electrodes, combining non-invasive acupuncture and electrolipolysis with no needles, no pain, in total safety.

A “detector pen” locates the acu- points facilitating individual prescription treatments, so whatever the problem there is a solution, ie to initiate the production of Glutathione and Carnosine – enabling the skin to anti-age, to suppress the appetite, to aid natural sleep, reduce pain, and de-stress.

Electrolipolysis is another mode of this amazing Beauty Center.  Used to treat problem areas such as the abdomen and thighs, or any area of stubborn fat, with an action targeting those areas, encouraging the body to drain toxins and increase circulation, whilst the current breaks down fat cells. This allows the body to function effectively and increase fat loss.

Also recommended and available: back up homecare acupoint stimulation with Lifewave patches to enable faster results. Call to discuss how you can improve your skin (lifting; re-define face; smooth fine lines and wrinkles; reduce random patchiness & skin imperfections; anti-ageing; de-stressing; drain toxins, dispersing the build up of waste in the body; firming and toning; etc).


  • body treatment (45-60 minutes) £60.00
  • facial (80 minutes) £80.00