Range Of Anti-Ageing Y-Age Products

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Lifewave patches are not drugs!

They are very effective at improving body systems and only have good side effects. The patches work all over the body to improve renewal of all cells. Glutathione is the main patch, it is known to be the most important anti-oxidant, which is hard for the body to replace.  Lifewave glutathione patch accelerates the body’s levels by up to 300%  in 24 hours.

Why do we age?

Ageing is a natural process that affects all of us.  Well, stress is one of the biggest factors behind premature ageing. we all suffer from it, to some degree, through the pressures of work, or perhaps ongoing personal problems.Another reason is, that every day our bodies are constantly being bombarded with daily pollutions from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the medications that we take. From these pollutions, toxins and chemicals attack our cells, literally stealing their electrons. With time, our cells become dehydrated, damaged and eventually stop multiplying. The electrical charge around our cells decrease, similar to a battery, whose energy depletes as it gets older.That’s where the Y-Age patches are coming in and we have few for you to choose from:

  • Aeon

    – The main function of Aeon patches is to reduce stress in the body. The clinical research shows that they decrease inflammation, balance the autonomic nervous system and therefore reduce stress in the body which is very important for keeping up good health. Learn More

  • Glutathione Patches

    – The Glutathione patches are known as the master antioxidant and are improving overall health as well as athletic performance. They restore levels of glutathione in the organism which is very important for your health and extremely hard to do by yourself.  As we age our body may accumulate toxins and glutathione patches are protecting the body from toxins that we come in contact with every day. They naturally increase blood glutathione levels in a safe and convenient way and keep the immune system functioning at its best. Learn More

  • Carnosine Patches

    – The carnosine is found naturally in the human body and as we age, its levels start to decline. Carnosine patches make sure to supplement the right amount that is vital for your body. Studies show that it protects our DNA better than any other nutrient and has an ability to turn the old cells into young and healthy ones. Your overall health can bounce up again as well as your athletic performance. The Carnosine patches are also protecting your brain from plague, which is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Learn More

One of the amazing things about the Y-Age patches is that if all three of them are used in conjunction with each other, they will help reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.  The picture below shows the example:



Eye area after using the product.
The eye are before using the product.

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