Melissa qualified in electrolysis with a distinction 35 years ago.  An expert practitioner in her field, she is also the London trainer for Sterex.

Electrolysis is the only known PERMANENT method of hair removal, and over the years has become gentler, more comfortable and even more effective.    As a stand alone treatment, or as a compliment to IPL or Laser, it is an affordable, and incredibly popular, modern treatment for dealing with unwanted facial or body hair.  Today’s consumer wants results, which is precisely what electrolysis delivers!



  • up to 10 Minutes £25.00
  • up to 15 Minutes £30.00
  • up to 20 Minutes £35.00
  • up to 30 Minutes £45.00
  • up to 45 Minutes £60.00
  • up to 60 Minutes £75.00

Electrolysists specialise in removing unwanted hair and unsightly skin blemishes.  Perfect to remove small areas of unwanted hair growth such as upper lip or eyebrow or to “finish off” a large area already treated with IPL or Laser. Also useful where there is hair colour variation as IPL and Laser are limited to black hair and white skin.  Electrolysis gives optimum results and guarantees client satisfaction. My clinic is fully licensed and has the most up to date and effective equipment.  As the London trainer for Sterex you may feel confident in consulting me to remove any skin blemishes or lesions that you wish to lose!


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