Cellulite and loose skin are amongst the most difficult body conditions to treat.  No matter how much you exercise, cellulite remains a fat which cannot be transformed into energy and “burnt off” at the gym, while dieting gives no control over exactly where you’re going to lose fat.  The only really effective solution is the unique medically-proven ‘finger-rolling’ massage system offered by the Cellu M6.

This simple safe and very effective technique gently folds and sucks the skin between two motorised rollers. This activates blood flow, increases suppleness, unclogs the tissue, breaks down congested fat and, generally, revitalises the skin. The beauty of Cellu M6 is its total versatility, working equally effectively on ankles, arms and the face, as well as buttocks, thighs and hips.

The Cellu M6 is also an excellent method of relaxing stress-related tension often found around the upper shoulders, neck and head. In fact, wherever the Cellu M6 is applied you’ll be able to notice a dramatic improvement after a few sessions.


  • Eliminates cellulite
  • Re-tones and re-vitalises the skin
  • Relaxes stress-related tension often found around the neck, shoulders, upper back, head and all joints
  • Unclogs fatty tissue
  • Increases suppleness
  • Smooths out wrinkles
  • Tightens double chins
  • Discourages varicose veins
  • Re-shapes ankles and inner knees
  • Repairs the tissue trauma of scars and stretch marks

Cellu M6 also has a special facial attachment which works on smoothing out wrinkles, re-vitalising and tightening the skin and can be added as an extra to any of Melissa’s listed facial treatments.


  • Cellu M6 Stress Relief Treatment (Deep massage on specific stress areas)  £45.00
  • Cellu M6 Sculpting Using Endermology (Designed to change the shape of particular body areas) £45.00 / course of Six £250.00
  •  Cellu M6 Body Treatment (Eliminates cellulite, restores tone and leaves skin softer and smoother): One Treatment 30 mins £45.00 / Course of Five £210.00 / Course of Ten £400.00