Waxing is an ideal treatment to remove larger expanses of dense or fine hair and to slow that growth.  Ideal for legs, underarms, bikini-line and now also popular with men.  Although often used on the face, I do not advocate this or any other form of temporary hair removal (such as threading, sugaring, tweezing, plucking etc) as these methods can increase re-growth on smaller areas.  For facial hair electrolysis (electro-epilation) is advised as it is the only permanent method of hair removal.



  • Upper Lip £25.00
  • Upper Lip and Chin £35.00
  • Underarm £20.00
  • Full Arm £30.00                                        
  • Bikini Line £30.00
  • Half Leg £35.00
  • Three Quarter Leg £45.00
  • Full Leg including Bikini £55.00
  • Back/ Chest/ Shoulder (for men) from £50.00
  • Half leg wax/bikini/underarm £60.00