Treatments & Prices




(a natural alternative to Botox)



10 minutes £55.00

Course of Seven £350.00


BioSkinJetting + BioSkinSmoothing:

Up to 15 minutes £65.00

Up to 30 minutes £95.00

Up to 45 minutes £120.00


Course of 5 up to 15 minute treatment £250.00

Course of 5 up to 30 minute treatment £450.00

Course of 5 up to 45 minute treatment £575.00




Sentéales Purifying Facial (A deep facial for teenage or acne prone skins):

Individual Treatment £75.00

Course of Six £340.00


Sentéales Gentle Couperose Treatment (For broken capillaries and red, blotchy skin ~ reduces redness, strengthens capillary walls, reduces sensitivity):

Individual Treatment from £80.00

Course of Six £350.00


Sentéales Prescription Facial (An individual facial to cater to your skin’s specific needs ~ ideal for all skin types):

Individual Treatment £80.00

Course of Six £350.00


Sentéales Insolent Youth Facial Aromatherapy Treatment (Revitalisation for dull and lifeless skin – anti-ageing solution):

Individual Treatment £80.00

Course of Six £380.00


Sentéales Ocean Hydration Treatment (Provides essential minerals to the skin and maintains texture and suppleness):

Individual Treatment £80.00

Course of Six £380.00


True Elements & Alavida Organic Marine Facial (A rejuvenating, brightening and hydrating anti-ageing facial):

Individual Treatment £90.00


Carat Professional Facial (Plumps, moisturises, revitalises ~ ideal for all skin types)

Individual Treatment £75.00


Eye Treatment (BioSkinSmoothing massage with Sentéales Eye Contour Patch and Cream):

45 minutes £65.00



Relaxing, virtual journey around the world to music with gorgeous fragrances.

FTW Relaxing Facial £90.00

Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage £65.00

Indian Head Massage £65.00

Thai Foot Massage £65.00

Eastern Facial Massage £65.00



Cellu M6: (Added in to any facial has fabulous skin regenerating properties due to its deep massage and stimulation. It also is extremely effective in the aid of reducing blemishes, for 10 minutes)

Added to any facial £20.00


Ice Mask™ :

Added to any facial £10.00


Carole Franck/Sentéales Electro Acupressure Treatment:

Added to any facial £20.00

Stand alone session £30.00


Semi-Permanent Make Up:

Treatment from £450.00



Eyelash Tinting £20.00

Eyebrow Tinting £15.00

Eyelash/Brow Tinting £30.00

Eyebrow Shaping £25.00

Eyebrow Tidy £15.00

Bleaching from £15.00

Ear Piercing (Including sterilised gold plated studs) £18.00


Wedding day make-up and/or treatment package. Please ask Melissa for details.



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £55.00

Full Body Massage £90.00

Indian Head Massage £65.00


Reiki: Natural healing treatment £50.00


Aromatherapy Massage (Using essential oils selected for individual skin types to help alleviate particular problems):

Individual Treatment £90.00


Back, Neck and Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage (Using specifically selected essential oils for your own particular needs):

Individual Treatment (20 minutes) £55.00

Individual Treatment (35 minutes) £65.00


Exfoliating Body Treatment:

Stand alone session £55.00


Shaping Treatment (Regime of 3 individual treatments to be prescribed for your particular need):

Individual Treatment £55.00

Course of Six £235.00


Cellu M6 Stress Relief Treatment (Deep massage on specific stress areas):

Individual Treatment £55.00


Cellu M6 Sculpting Using Endermology (Designed to change the shape of particular body areas):

Individual Treatment £55.00

Course of Six £250.00


Cellu M6 Body Treatment (Eliminates cellulite, restores tone and leaves skin softer and smoother):

One Treatment 30 mins £55.00

Course of Five £210.00

Course of Ten £400.00


Consultation (separate day) £40.00

Initial consultation/test treatment/aftercare product £50.00

Treatment up to 15 minutes/aftercare product £70.00

Treatment up to 30 minutes/aftercare product £100.00

Treatment up to 45 minutes/aftercare product £150.00

Treatment up to 60 minutes/aftercare product £200.00


Consultation £20.00

Treatment up to 10 Minutes £25.00

Treatment up to 15 Minutes £30.00

Treatment up to 20 Minutes £35.00

Treatment up to 30 Minutes £45.00

Treatment up to 45 Minutes £60.00

Treatment up to 60 Minutes £75.00



The Science of diagnosing and treating disorders of the scalp and hair. Eczema, hair loss, itching inflammation and many conditions that are regarded as normal ~ oily / dry scalp, dry ends, mild flaking ~ can all be effectively controlled with regular professional treatments and a prescribed home-care regime.

Consultations £90.00



Upper Lip £25.00

Upper Lip and Chin £35.00

Underarm £20.00

Full Arm £30.00

Bikini Line £30.00

Half Leg £35.00

Three Quarter Leg £45.00

Full Leg including Bikini £55.00

Back/ Chest/ Shoulder (for men) from £50.00

Half leg wax/bikini/underarm £60.00