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Do you find it difficult to switch off, to relax and unwind, and need some special downtime to recharge?

With the Face The World Signature Facial, I invite you to take an amazing journey that will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and reinvigorated as your skin is cleansed, nourished and massaged to the evocative sounds of distant landscapes across four countries.

This special facial stimulates the senses and encourages deep relaxation, through touch, texture, sound and aromas, with natural products, massage techniques, and music, that work together to rejuvenate skin and soul.

A unique multi-sensory holistic facial that takes you on a relaxing virtual journey



Let your imagination wander as you soak up the atmosphere at each stage of this unique facial treatment.


Your journey starts in the tropical rainforest as I cleanse and tone your face to the soothing sounds of panpipes and the marimba, with bird song and the gush of a waterfall in the background, and air filled with the scents of peppermint, orange flower and galbanum. 

As the cleanser is removed we move on to Australia to the sounds of Aboriginal music for exfoliation and you experience the wonderful fragrances of the Tonka bean, reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon and cloves, and scents of eucalyptus and bergamot.

We then move over to Tibet, to the music of bamboo flutes and Tibetan singing bowls, for an Eastern pressure point facial massage and Western lymphatic neck and shoulder massage amid scents of patchouli, nutmeg and soft musk.


Next you will hear the sound of rainfall as I apply a cooling Ocean Rain Skin Drench face mask, and gently tap all over your face to simulate the sound of raindrops.

Whilst the mask is applied I will give you a *complimentary mini-treatment of your choice.

Your journey ends in South Africa to the sound of traditional singing that gently brings you back to reality, and we finish with an application of moisturiser packed with hyaluronic acid and the sweet smell of violets and roses.  To complete your treatment at home I will give you a sachet of the overnight Skin Booster Serum to apply before you go to bed.

Why not give me a call today to book an appointment and experience the benefits of this exceptional facial for yourself?  You will not be disappointed!


*This wonderfully therapeutic and multi-sensory facial includes a complimentary mini-treatment:

Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage or Tibetan Hand Massage.


All products used are paraben-free, cruelty-free, ethically sourced and manufactured in the UK.

Suitable for all skin types. 


To purchase or view the product range go to: www.face-the-world.co.uk
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