How much do you know about electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a safe, effective, progressive and permanent method of removing unwanted hair. Indeed it is the only truly permanent method of hair removal and is therefore a treatment in great demand.

There is a choice of three methods currently available and these are all “tailor made” to suit YOU:

  • Galvanic
  • Diathermy
  • Blend

How does Electrolysis work?

An extremely thin  probe (the size of an eyelash) is inserted into the hair follicle where a tiny burst of energy is targeted at the root of the hair. This prevents nutrients feeding the hair and the hair becomes weaker and finer. After repeated treatments the hair is no longer able to grow and complete hair free results are obtained. The repeated treatment is needed because each individual hair has its own growing cycle and blood supply.

Is Electrolysis safe?

The treatment was first invented in 1875 and is proven both effective and totally safe. Advancing technology has meant electrolysis has become more gentle and comfortable, even more effective and remains an affordable, modern treatment increasingly popular today.