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Kenko PowerSleep™ Mask

£ 31.00

  • Exclusive DynaFlux Magnetic Technology for deeper flux penetration
  • Consistent, 100% dynamic magnetic field over the entire surface
  • Incorporates TriPhase technology
  • Eliminates light distraction
  • Soft, breathable fabrics create luxurious feel and durability


Slip on the Powersleep Mask and you’ll immediately notice how much more relaxed you feel.

This strategically engineered mask not only blocks out light to ensure restful sleep, but also features natural energy technologies, including negative ion-generating minerals and ceramic fibres, which first absorb then reflect energy as a calming warmth.

In combination with the way nikken’s unique DynaFlux™ technology intensifies and extends the coverage of the magnetic flux, the Powersleep Mask can help you improve your quality of sleep and rest at all times – even while travelling.