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Naturest® Pillow

£ 101.00

  • Revolutionary RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) Technology
  • Helps support spinal alignment
  • Non-allergenic latex filling, uniquely adjustable to your ideal level of comfort
  • Made from ecologically sound and non-allergenic natural materials that meet fire regulations without flame retardants or other chemicals


Filled with naturally firm latex that prevents the pillow from becoming flat, the Naturest® Pillow is fully adjustable by simply adding or removing the filler. The Naturest® Pillow also incorporates a specially designed internal collar to ensure the most comfortable alignment for your head, neck, and spine. The breathable cover of natural bamboo and cotton fibres assists ventilation, helping to regulate your temperature to keep comfortably cool.

The Naturest® Pillow, the KenkoDream® Quilt, and Naturest® Kenkopad® are designed to work in harmony with one another, providing you with the perfect sleep environment for relaxing, rejuvenating sleep.