● WARNING – Potential Danger from Using Cell Phones during Pregnancy

Matrix prodcutA recent study conducted by Dr. Hugh S. Taylor and other researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that foetuses exposed to cell phone radiation while in the womb may be negatively affected in their brain development, leading to behavioural disorders such as hyperactivity. These findings further increase the growing public concern regarding the potential dangers associated with exposure to cell phone radiation.
According to the team’s study, published in Nature’s Scientific Report, “A battery of tests measuring the electrical activity of the brains of adult mice that were exposed to radiation as foetuses showed that they tended to be more hyperactive and had reduced memory capacity when compared to the control group.” Though the results are preliminary, and further research is needed to identify safe exposure limits during pregnancy, consumers should be alerted to this growing body of evidence as to the risks of cell phone radiation.

How to deal with this problem?

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